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It would be nice to eliminate the time it takes for your daily make-up routine and be able to enjoy some time of relaxation each day. Semi-permanent makeup reduces that effort. You wake-up look is better also.

If you need to give your lips more definition, we can do a lip line (upper, lower or both) or a full coverage or lips. One of our best eyebrow corrections is when they are:

  • Absent
  • Thinning or too thick
  • Poor placement (sometimes from previous procedures)
  • Pale or discolored

The eyeliner, (partial or complete) eliminates eyeliner pencils.

Another service in our clinic is: Areola design pigmentation.

Color addition and corrections are another one of our services, as well as scar camouflage scar cover-up.

You may contact us from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm 7 days a week.

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Our office is located in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona!
3260 North Hayden Rd., Suite 110, Scottsdale, AZ

We offer provide a comfortable and therapeutic environment.

Permanent Makeup

Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Lip liner

Skin Care and Permanent Correction

Enhance your skin and correct skin flaws

Areola Reconstruction

We provide areola reconstruction due to surgeries or other factors.

This business is always growing, expanding, changing, and new techniques and technologies are being discovered. We are always working on learning the latest techniques and getting the newest technologies for permanent makeup. Our training in different locations within Canada and the United States extend her knowledge and we bring the services back to our clients.

Are you looking for more balanced lip line, a fuller eyebrow, areola reconstruction and color (post surgical trauma or reduction) or just enjoy having your makeup fresh each day. On consultation, we can help you define your needs.

What we do

Our Services

Your Look, any time of the day!

Permanent makeup helps you look and feel your best from waking up to bedtime. There would be no worries about your makeup rubbing off onto other people’s clothes or having to re-apply your lipstick. You will have the look you want all day long without your makeup smudging or smearing.


Eyebrows are an important feature of your face that frame your eyes. They serve and important facilitative function in your daily communication and strengthening expressions such as the look of being surprised or happy. Modifying your eyebrows by permanent makeup is a way to enhance and look full and well defined. We can help you get the proper eyebrow look you are after. If you have eyebrows that are: Too Thin Only half an eyebrow due to illness Lost eyebrows due to a scar or injury Our staff will advise you on color corrections, brow enhancements, recreating the brows, simulated brow hairs that appear as natural hair strokes and shading.


Eye Liner defines the eyes and gives them personality. As some women are allergic to eye makeup, permanent eyeliner is the solution. Whether you are young or old, you can enhance your eyes appearance and not have to worry about putting on eyeliner every day. Well defined sexy eyes are what you are after? We can give you what you need.


Luscious lips can be achieved with our process. You can choose to have lip liner, full lip color, fuller upper lip. Lip liner is just that, it outlines the lips and you can use your lipstick cover of choice with the enhancements of the liner. If you are looking for full lip color, there would be no need for continually applying lipstick as your lips would already have the color you are after. If you are after corrections, we can touch up the imperfections of previous work you had done.

Areola Reconstruction

These specialized techniques of aesthetic tattooing allow for the correction of asymmetrical eyebrows, eyelid edges (eye-liner) or lips (cleft lip), whether this asymmetry is from birth, the result of an accident or reconstruction following surgery. Of course, all is based on the customer’s preferences with regards to the areolar circumference and its color, the main objective being to reproduce the appearance of the nipple and bring it as close as possible to its original appearance. For any woman faced with such hardship, the areolar aesthetic reconstruction can bring the much-needed comfort she needs and rebuild her self-esteem, confidence, femininity and dignity. With this, beyond all the expertise and techniques we can bring to our customers, they can always rely on our empathy, understanding and sensitivity.

Scar Camouflage

Have a scar from a tummy tuck or breast surgery? You may have had a scar from plastic surgery? We can help you to mask these imperfections by blending the scar with the surrounding skin. The process will allow you to express yourself without seeing that imperfection any longer as it will be virtually invisible.

Overview of the methods our cost effective permanent makeup artists use…

Permanent makeup, micropigmentation and dermographism are techniques of high precision that allow to enhance the harmony of the face’s natural features, thus revealing its most beautiful aesthetic aspects, primarily the eyebrows, the edge of the eyelids (eye-liner), as well as the contour and curve of the lips. Your appearance will make you look 10 years younger!

Such a spectacular look made yours without the major hassle of plastic surgery, or the required convalescence that ensues. Individualized and adapted to your needs, the techniques I use allow the extremely precise application of permanent makeup, conveying the much sought-after mini-lifting effect. Permanent makeup can keep its brilliance for 3 to 5 years.

After this time, it is normal for the color to fade slightly, since the skin naturally regenerates itself. Nothing is easier than to perform small touch-ups afterwards.

During the first consultation, we work with you to identify your preferences in detail. We will advise you on the makeup lines and colors that best suit you, guiding you in your selection every step of the way, in particular through snapshots of previously selected makeups performed with satisfaction on our customers. To get an authentic preview of what you will be getting and to avoid any unpleasant surprise, we first craft a model with makeup crayons and we take ‘before and after’ pictures so we can see the achievable outcome on your facial features.

Once you have made your choice, we can establish your final permanent makeup outline and agree on the time-line and the number of sessions you will need for completion.

With the utmost care and precision, we apply your permanent makeup according to the outline you selected.

You can then just sit back and relax in full confidence! At our clinic, the rule is to create an environment that is the cleanest and most hygienic anyone can expect to find, even exceeding the general standards established and required in this industry. Thus, at our clinic, only sterile, one-time use needles are applied at every step and our equipment is cleaned and sterilized after each use; furthermore, we utilize only the best quality products.

The actual process of applying your permanent makeup is pain-free. The local anesthesia is achieved by applying a cream or topical liquid and does not require any type of injection. This allows us to apply your makeup with top precision, all without any discomfort on your part. Your social life and daily activities will never be interrupted.

Approximately six weeks after its initial creation, and to ensure the best possible results and the durability you expect, it is necessary to redo your makeup in all its original details. Simple touch ups are not sufficient. This second step is fully explained at the time of the initial consultation.

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